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To begin, kindly create an account and peruse our fine array of offerings. Whether you choose to make a bid or a purchase, our services are comprehensive. Further, we provide round-the-clock aid for any questions related to your transaction or shipping needs.

To create an account, please click on the "Login/Register" link located in our navigation menu. Then, select the "Register Now" button to access our registration page where you can provide your information using our secure and user-friendly platform. After your successful registration, you can explore our vast collection of exceptional vehicles and start bidding on your preferred options.

We're excited to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for everyone, including private account holders and dealers. With our free membership, browsing through our inventory is easy and straightforward. Our aim is to be inclusive and transparent, ensuring that members of all backgrounds and levels of experience feel comfortable and at home.

Since the implementation of the USA Patriot Act of 2001, all US banks and financial institutions are required to abide by KYC regulations. It is mandatory for us to verify the identity of our members in accordance with this regulation. We take our compliance with KYC regulations very seriously. Our company is here to help and we kindly request you to cooperate in providing the necessary information to verify your identity. This is a quick and easy process that helps ensure a safe and secure environment for all our members.

At our company, we do not charge any additional fees apart from the winning bid or the “buy it now” price, along with the delivery charges. Our aim is to provide a clear and straightforward service to our valued members, without any concealed expenses or unexpected surprises.

Regrettably, it is currently unfeasible to physically examine or retrieve those units, as numerous lien holders do not possess an inspection or retrieval facility, nor are their staff trained to provide assistance during inspections. However, we provide a 14-day inspection timeframe, enabling you to refuse any unit for virtually any reason.

Our free delivery service covers the first 500 miles. Any distance exceeding 500 miles will be subject to a charge of one dollar per mile.

Welcome to our selection of assets located throughout the United States! Each item includes its specific location. Don't worry if an item is far from your area - we provide secure delivery services to bring it directly to you. We ensure a safe, secure, convenient, and hassle-free delivery process.

We only accept bank-to-bank transfers for repossessed vehicle payments. Sorry, we cannot accept credit/debit cards or PayPal. We believe bank transfers are the safest and most reliable option for payment. Our team will provide the transfer details once you win an auction or use the “buy it now” option. Please complete the payment promptly for a smooth transaction.

We require full payment before releasing any repossessed vehicles. We don't offer financing, so please consider your options carefully before making a purchase.

We want you to be happy with your purchase. If you're not satisfied with the item, we offer a 14-day return period with a full refund processed within 24 hours of the request. No questions asked.

We offer free shipping for all rejected items, no matter their size or type, to make the return process stress-free. Our repossessed vehicles are of exceptional quality and we maintain impartiality and integrity.

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